FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our promise to our customers


We work diligently to merge affordability & reliability when shipping our presses. To that end, we may use USPS, Fed Ex or UPS to get your product to you. If you have a preference, simply let us know by filling out the form below! At the time of shipment, you’ll receive a tracking number from us, so that you can follow your purchase as it journeys to you.

Please note *** we require a physical address at which to ship larger items*** we cannot ship to a P.O. box.

If you have an existing account with a carrier & you’d like us to use such account, please send those details in our “Comment/s” box below. Thank you!

May I pay with a check?

Certainly, just indicate what you are purchasing & mail it to: Castaneda Manufacturing Enterprises at P.O. Box 1943; White Salmon, WA 98672

What is the difference between the # 130 and # 150 press?

The # 130 press is designed for more occasional pressing (up to 1-2 times per week) while the # 150 can handle daily use over many years without wearing out. The # 150 has a heavier frame and a larger adjustment screw, plus 2 nuts to spread out the force on the screw threads. Otherwise they have the same capacity and both come with the same 5- ton jack.

What are the advantages of these press designs?

Simplicity with few moving parts to wear out
Easy to clean with minimal waste of valuable herbal product
Highest pressures created for maximum extraction
Very durable – many of our presses have been in use for over ten years with minimal problems!

We stand behind our presses 100% should you ever have a problem due to a manufacturing defect. Just contact us & we’ll make it right.

Are food contact areas stainless steel?

The basket, pan and pressure plate are all stainless steel including any welds on them. They are easy to clean and maintain.

What are the differences between the three presses: the Mini-Jack, the Hydra-Screw #130 and the # 150?

The #130 and the #150 are the same basic design. The #130 is the first press that we made in 1992. A customer, who likes designing equipment and uses two of our presses, worked together with us to create a press that could withstand high pressure and daily use for a busy herbal medicine and acupuncture practice. The #150 press is the heavier duty industrial design. We created the Mini-Jack for home kitchen and occasional use for a small business. It weighs about 25 pounds instead of 65+. The Mini-Jack basket height is adjusted with a block of wood while the #130 & #150 presses adjust with a screw.

Why use a press for making tincture?

The main advantage of using a press is for maximum extraction of plant soluble compounds, thus increasing the quantity and potency of the resulting herbal product. Filtering of the final product is also accomplished more efficiently (with the use of supplied filter bags) than with a gravity system. Even thick oil and glycerine extractions are easily accomplished with our press. Our presses are used for herbal tinctures, oils, vinegars and other herbal products. The herbs are chopped or powdered, put loosely into a jar, covered with an extracting liquid like alcohol and water, glycerine, vinegar, or olive oil. After the liquid absorbs herbal properties for a time, you use a press to separate the liquid from the herbs. Also, the finely chopped herbs are breaking down in the liquid, facilitating the release of their unique chemical properties. The process can be done by hand pressing the herbal concoction through a cheesecloth or, alternatively, making use of a tincture press. A high pressure press ensures the maximum yield from a batch of tinctured herbs, leaving a dried pressed cake of plant material with most of the chemical constituents removed.

How does amount of pressure (measured in psi) relate to the press operation?

PSI or “pounds per square inch” is a measurement of the pressure created by the tincture press. Each square inch at the bottom of the basket is subjected to this pressure when the press jack is used at its maximum rating. This amount of psi forces any liquids in the basket out the drain holes leaving behind a dry pressed cake of dessicated herb.

What if I ever need a press with different capacity?

If you have a press, we will accept it as a “trade-in” for one of our other presses. The amount of credit you receive is based on the condition of your press after we inspect it. If you want a larger press than the “Hydra-screw” #130 or 150, we can make a custom electrically powered press for you.

Do I need to filter the herbal product?

Yes and no. This really is a matter of personal preference. If you are working closely with the consumer of your preparation and can explain that the cloudy material in the extract is good to drink, filtering is according to your personal preferences. If you want all cloudiness and particulate matter out of your preparation then use some kind of filter.

How are the filter bags used?

The bags are placed in the basket prior to pouring in the material to be pressed. After each pressing, the bags can be washed and re-used a number of times. Eventually the bags wear out from use and can be reordered in any quantity you desire.Ten or more are discounted and include standard shipping. Please specify mesh size and which press you own or if you need a special size of bag.

How will you ship my press to me? 

We ship with FedEx Ground or UPS. Fabric and bags and some international shipments are shipped with the United States Post Office. Sometimes customers have a preferred method and account that we use. Simply contact us!