About Us

Hi, My name is Luis Castaneda, the owner/operator of PressHerbs.com

A bit of background, the Longevity Herb Company was a tincture press business which was designed by Krista Hoyt in 1992 ( a professional botanist) for the express purpose of extracting as much of the essential oils that are present in herbs & plants and used for medicinal purposes.

In 2014, I was afforded the opportunity to acquire Longevity Herb Company from the Hoyts, and I renamed the business "PressHerbs.com."

PressHerbs.com is a family-owned business entering the 28th year in operation and manufactures and delivers the absolute best presses on the market for extracting essential oils on the planet.

We currently work with several hundred Holistic Medical Product Manufacturers and processors across the U.S. and around the world.

We look forward to introducing you to our presses and showing you how they can help you maximize the profits from your manufacturing and processing efforts.

Thank you!